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Aconitum cammarum 'Bi-color' -- Monkshood – Sorry, sold out
$ 12.15

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Mid-summer bloomer. 4-5' tall, space 12″ apart, Zones 4-7, partial shade, 4" or 5" pot. Save 15% on 4 in 4" pots or 3 in 5" pots!

White flowers with thick blue edging in midsummer.

Aconitums have long racemes of unusual hooded flowers either in mid-summer or early fall. They provide spectacular height for the middle to back of the garden and eye-catching color for your shade garden. Concoctions made from the roots were once used to make poison arrows, but all plant parts are toxic if eaten - and the deer know it! While no plant is deer proof, Aconitum is close. Note: Aconitum is a little fussy - for best blooms, it must have some shade and some sun and the soil should seldom be allowed to dry completely.


Aconitum cammarum 'Bi-color' -- Monkshood – Sorry, sold out

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