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7.5' x 100' Steel Web ™

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Galvanized steel hex web coated with black PVC. Price includes shipping. Call for sample. Save on multiple rolls! List $287.94.

This is the fencing to choose for the front of the home and/or if you want your fencing to last 20-25 years. Made of 20-gauge galvanized steel, Steel Web(SM) cannot be chewed through by raccoons or other small varmints. Coated with black PVC, Steel Web(SM) is nearly invisible to humans and does not detract from your landscape. It is essentially invisible to deer as well -- and this is key. Deer will not jump over anything they cannot see and thus cannot ascertain exactly how high that jump would be. The hexagonal cells of this Fencing assures you deer cannot crash through your fence. The hexagon is the strongest shape known and should your fence sustain an impact, the 1" hex cells collapse (stretch) sequentially, absorbing the force.

Options: Fencing Rolls
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Price Each: $239.95 $233.95 $227.95 $215.95

7.5' x 100' Steel Web ™

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