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Zizia aurea -- Golden Alexander

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18-24" tall, space 12-15" apart, Zones 4-9, sun to partial shade, 4" pot. Save 15% on four or more plants!

Flat heads of cheerful yellow flowers announce that "spring is here" in May (here in Zone 5). Dark-green, dissected foliage looks good into the start of winter. Forms nice, ground-covering clump by rooting from runners and by seed.

Native in most of the central and eastern US. Best of all, deer somehow know that some of the plant's parts are poisonous so they avoid eating it. Yet, it is said to be food for the Black Swallowtail Butterfly larvae.

Options: 4″ Pot
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Price Each: $6.15 $5.22

Zizia aurea -- Golden Alexander

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