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5' x 200' Extra-strength Imported Deer or Dog Fencing 110X - Sold out
$ 221.00

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Free shipping to lower 48 states. Reinforced bottom edge. Break load 750 lb. Expected 15-20 years life. Compare US brand at $246.00 and save 10%.

NOTE: Deer can easily hop a 5-foot fence if they can see a landing spot. This height Fencing is ideal as a deer fence extension, to encircle young trees or evergreens, and for dog fencing.

Protect your yard and garden with black polypropylene Deer Fencing. Keep deer out and enjoy your landscaping without deer damage and/or harvest your home-grown vegetables and fruits before the deer do.

  • 110X means the Fencing weighs 110 grams per square meter and is made of extruded polypropylene so your Fence is impact resistant. Imported 110X has a break strength of 750 lb. per square foot.
  • Mesh size is approximately 1.75″ x 2″ so your Fencing lasts longer than the inexpensive 1” x 1” netting sold in stores.
  • The polypropylene is UV stabilized so your Fencing will stay flexible for up to 15-20 years in the sun and the other elements. Of course, being plastic, it is rust proof.
  • The reinforced bottom edge helps resist deer snuggling under or dogs trying to dig out. The recommended Ground Stakes have more material to hold to the ground.
  • 110X is perfect for most residential installations so you save money. Choose this Extra-strength material if your installation is greater than 990' or in an area with moderate-to-high deer population (such as backed up to a state park) due to the elevated impact possibilities. If you are keeping dogs inside this Fencing, also consider this Extra-strength grade for medium-to-large and rambunctious dogs.
  • Fencing is black so that from a distance, it blends into objects and shadows behind it. It seems invisible and does not disrupt your view.
  • Although it is long lasting and strong, it is lightweight and requires no expensive tools so you can install it yourself and save money.

Once installed, you will love your Fencing. No more disappointing discoveries of deer having eaten your flowers or vegetables. No more regular spraying with deer repellents. And, our Imported 110X requires little, if any, maintenance.


5' x 200' Extra-strength Imported Deer or Dog Fencing 110X - Sold out

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