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Buddleia 'Pugster' 4-pack: one each 'White,' 'Periwinkle,' 'Blue'
$ 48.12

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Save 15% off single plant price! Compact plant, full-size blooms. 2' tall and wide, Zones 5-9, full sun, 4.5″ (1 qt.) pot. From Proven Winners™.

Enjoy a “parade” of color from August through fall! One plant each of the four ‘Pugster’ colors and you save 15% off the single-plant price.

Compact plants so now you can enjoy butterfly bushes in the front-to-mid area of your garden. Of course, the same extended bloom time as older Buddleia varieties from summer into late fall. New in 2017 from Proven Winners™.

Dense foliage and branching provide a shrub-like appearance and support flower spikes for many months. Thick, sturdy stems provide additional hardiness in the north. Fragrant flowers. Attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Ahorre con esta oferta de quatro plantas Buddleia ‘Pugster'. Disfrute de flores color rosa, blanco, azul y púrpuro desde verano a otoño. Introducido en 2017, son arbustos bajo y rechonchos sino con flores de gran tamaño.


Buddleia 'Pugster' 4-pack: one each 'White,' 'Periwinkle,' 'Blue'

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