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Your plants and fencing are guaranteed for one year from date of shipment. If you are not satisfied or experience a loss, let me know within the year. I will gladly replace the stock or refund your money (depending on your choice; plants subject to availability). I reserve the right to request return of planting material, at my cost, for horticultural evaluation. My responsibility is limited to the purchase price.

I trust that you would not expect me to cover a loss due to drought or other extreme weather conditions, neglect or other poor gardening practices, or planting outside the climatic zones recommended in the catalog. This guarantee does NOT cover hoof damage!

Deer-resistant versus deer-proof:

Luckily for those of us who do not care to be held hostage by deer in a home devoid of foliage and flowers, deer have their dining preferences. They prefer bland tasting, non-toxic and non-odorous plant material. You are holding one of the most extensive lists of plants that are spicy, toxic or smelly!

Whether or not a plant is eaten can also depend on factors external to the plants. Chief of these is heavy deer populations unbalanced by hunting or natural predators. (One doe can have up to three fawns per year for up to 15 years.) Weather and other situations can cause starvation conditions. If this is the case in your area, have you considered fencing?

No plant is deer-proof. A Wildlife Specialist at Michigan State University has noted a number of factors that allow non-preferred plants to get eaten. These include succulent new growth (may make the plant more palatable than usual); easy availability (why walk by a free lunch?); and familiarity (develop a taste for it after minimal nibbles over two or three years).

If browsed, most perennials listed here will recover and bloom the following year, bringing color and enjoyment “just like in the big city”! Do, however, let me know your experiences so I can continually refine this catalog and be of service to other deer-country gardeners.





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