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Here's a list of my 21 favorite deer-resistant perennials and shrubs.

I like these because they are easy to grow, proven to be avoided by deer, and provide loads of color in the garden.

Spring blooming
  Dicentra bleeding heart
  Narcissus daffodils
  Helleborus hellebores

Early summer blooming
  Euphorbia spurge
  Verbascum mullein

Mid-summer blooming
  Agastache hyssop
  Buddleia butterfly bush
  Digitalis foxglove
  Lavandula lavender
  Nepeta catmint
  Salvia meadow sage

Late summer and fall blooming
  Aconitum monkshood
  Caryopteris bluebeard
  Perovskia Russian sage
  Ornamental grasses

Ground covers for shade
  Lamium Spotted dead nettle

  Acanthopanax Aralia
  Berberis barberry
  Buxus boxwood
  Potentilla bush cinquefoil












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