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Deer Repellents

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How and why deer repellents work
Deer prefer a bland diet of plant material. Deer repellents are sprays that protect plants from being browsed by covering their leaves and flowers with a smell suggestive of either animal elements (from eggs or bloodmeal ingredients) or spicy taste (from minty oils, garlic or hot pepper ingredients). Unlike the Liquid Fence brand repellent (which smells like sewage to me), all of the repellents I offer have a pleasant odor to humans which usually dissipates within a few hours. Deer have a highly developed sense of smell and continue to pick up the odor for weeks. Thus, a few sniffs and the deer move on to your neighbor's unprotected smorgasbord!

Fast-growing plants such as tulips and pansies need to be sprayed every seven to 10 days so the new growth is protected. I recommend that other flowers and shrubs be sprayed monthly as, in my experience, the repellent's effectiveness seems to wane after three or four weeks, especially during the peak consumption seasons spring through fall. Initial applications should completely moisten the leaves or branches while the refresher sprays need not be that heavy as spray residues do actually last two to three months as the manufacturers claim.

All of these repellents contain natural ingredients and are safe to use even with children and pets around. An ounce of each brand covers about the same square footage. Most articles about deer recommend using a variety of repellents so deer do not become accustomed to just one repellent and start to browse on sprayed plants. I have had excellent success with the new tablets during the growing season and the blood- based Plantskydd during the late-fall through early-spring seasons.

When I first moved to deer country, I had trouble keeping up with spraying (that's how I got started with deer-resistant plants). But, are there some plants you really enjoy? Tulips, azaleas? Of course, so give these easy-to-use sprays or tablets a try. I believe I've had a solid 95-98% rate of success with them since 1998!

Advantages of each brand
-- Bloodmeal based; longest lasting over winter. Adds trace amounts of nitrogen to soil. (Avoid overspray on white siding or sidewalks and expect a slight pink tint on white blooms for a few days.)
Natura Plant Saver Systemic Tablets-- One treatment lasts all season. Tablets containing bitter Denatonium Benzoate inserted in the ground dissolve and the repellent is absorbed through the roots and carried throughout the plant.


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