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Shrubs – Deer-resistant Shrubs

Beautify your landscape with these shrubs that deer do not eat. Deer seem to eat most shrubs but our tests show that they avoid the shrubs listed here. Shrubs are woody plants usually having many permanent stems branching from or near the ground. Most shrubs are deciduous (lose their leaves in the fall) while some shrubs are evergreen and provide interest in the garden year around.

Click to see more of my favorite deer-resistant shrubs which are listed separately: Berberis, Buxus, Hypericum, Myrica, and Potentilla.

Magnolia x 'Leonard Messel' – Order soon, six available! Magnolia x 'Leonard Messel' – Order soon, six available!
Tall shrub or small tree. 10-15' tall, space 15-20' apart, Zones 5-8, full sun to partial shade, 5"-square pot (6" deep, about five pints). Save 15% on three or more plants!

Options: 5″ Pot
Qty: 1-2 Units 3+ Units Qty:
Price Each: $16.65 $14.15


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