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8' x 165' Maximum-strength Tenax Heavy-duty Deer Fencing

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Free shipping to lower 48. UV-treated black polypropylene C-flex Heavy with expected life of 20 years. Break strength 950 lb. Mesh size approximately 1.77" x 1.97". Roll weighs 50 lb.

Approximate breaking load 890 lb. per foot in the vertical (transverse) direction; also 890 lb. in the horizontal (machine) direction. UV-treated, corrosion-proof polypropylene – expected to last 20 years or more.

Recommended for gardens, landscapes and orchards with moderate-to-heavy deer pressure (heavier deer traffic can occur to homes bordering parks or areas of no hunting). The Maximum-strength grade is also suggested for wooded areas to resist falling branches. This is the grade you want if you are concerned about a running animal contacting the fencing in cold weather.

The strands of our deluxe Tenax-brand Fencing are cylindrical. The strands of many lower-quality products are flat. Our cylindrical strands catch less wind and are less visible. Where each horizontal cylindrical strand crosses a vertical strand, the plastic is turned in the manufacturing process so the strands blend or fuse together. On the other hand, flat strands are punched or pushed into each other, leaving a joint more suseptible to tearing or separating.

Enjoy your garden or landscape with high, install-it-yourself deer fence. From a distance, the black mesh is nearly invisible as it blends into objects and shadows behind it.

Despite its superior-strength, the Maximum-strength poly allows for easy homeowner installation and is far less costly than conventional heavy-metal farm fencing.

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8' x 165' Maximum-strength Tenax Heavy-duty Deer Fencing

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