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Plantskydd 20-lb. Granular Rabbit & Small Critters Repellent – FREE SHIPPING!

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Effective for DEER and SQUIRRELS. 100% biodegradable organic. SAVE 6% on two or more bags!

Save on this 20-pound bag compared to multiple 7-pound bags.

Sprinkle these granules on the ground to protect your garden, plants and trees. (Note that this 20-lb. Easy-carry Bag is not a Shaker Bag like the 3- and 7-lb. bags).

Ideal for deterring crazy squirrels from digging up your container gardens. In addition to rabbits, Plantskydd Ready-to-Use Granules are an effective deterrent for voles, hares, chipmunks, mountain beaver, nutria, possum and other small rodents.

20 pounds covers approximately 12,000 square feet. Reapply as necessary. Very easy to apply – just sprinkle granules liberally so as to visibly cover the ground around your plants. Also, apply a 1-foot-wide perimeter strip surrounding the area to be protected.

For deer, the Granules are especially effective to protect low-growing deer favorites like pansies, hostas and lettuce from browsing when temperatures are above freezing. For deer, in addition to the application around the plants, apply a two-foot wide perimeter band of granules (rather than the one-foot band necessary for rabbits).

Made of bloodmeal so Plantskydd adds nutrients to your soil as it breaks down. Plantskydd's non-toxic, 100% organic formulation is biodegradable and will not harm pets.

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Plantskydd 20-lb. Granular Rabbit & Small Critters Repellent – FREE SHIPPING!

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