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Corner Post with Braces 2-pack
$ 179.00

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Set of two black Deluxe Corner Posts with Braces for 7.5' or 8' Fencing. Price includes shipping to 48 contiguous States.

Keep the all-black, "invisible" look with this Corner Post set. Each set includes the following to install two corners: "Meaty," vinyl-coated, tubular 2.5-inch steel Corner Post, decorative Post cap, two 9-foot x 1-5/8-inch-diameter Support Posts, connecting bands with cups, and installation instructions with pictures. Unlike my in-line Fence Posts, you must dig post holes for the Post and Braces and set them in concrete (not included). For use with either 7.5' or 8' Fencing.


Corner Post with Braces 2-pack

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