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Cat Guard Access Gate, 5' wide
$ 189.00

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5' x 6' Gate with Overhang Extender for access to cat enclosure. Includes free shipping to 48 contiguous States. Patent Pending. (List $240.25.)

The Fencing mesh is NOT included. Only one Post is included so you need to use a Post from the Kat Kit or Cat Guard Posts Set sold on the previous page. Easy-to-follow, pictured Assembly Instructions are included.

Parts included: four corner Brackets, 19 self-tapping Screws, four 5/16" x 2" carriage Bolts, two 3/8" x 2" Bolts, two saddle Clamps, two monofilament Clamps, two Horizontal Gate Posts, two Vertical Gate Posts 68.5" long, two tension Wires and Turnbuckles, one Frame Post with Sleeve, Overhang Extender and End Cap, two spreader Bars 38.5" long, one Cat Guard Post 72" (prevents escape through the gap by the Frame Post with the hinges), two male Hinges, two female Hinges and one gate Latch. (Specs subject to change.)


Cat Guard Access Gate, 5' wide

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