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Kat Kit -- 100-foot Cat Fencing Kit
$ 799.95

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Includes free shipping to 48 contiguous States. 100' of black polypropylene Fencing, 8 Posts with Overhangs (and one Drive Cap), 100' x 2'-tall black-coated Wire Mesh, 60 Ground Stakes, Cable Ties and Screws. Patent Pending. (List $760.)

No more wondering where Kitty is and if he is safe. Let Kitty have some outdoor fun in a protected area. The all-black color makes this Fencing visually unobtrusive as it appears to blend into the shadows in the background.

How it works. Although the polypropylene mesh looks tight when installed, it still has flexibility. Should your cat try climbing, his weight makes the mesh wobble slightly, discouraging the escape plans. However, just in case he is determined, the curved Overhangs put a stop to the climbing. Note the Overhangs are similar to those used in zoos! Your Kat Kit includes vinyl-coated steel Fencing along the bottom two feet to prevent an escape by chewing. And finally, the Fencing is secured to the ground with 60 kinked Ground Stakes to prevent your pet from crawling underneath.

Dimensions: 7' from ground to highest point of the Overhang. 30" from the Post out to the end of the Overhang.

Easy to install -- really! No digging or cement. Pound sleeves for the Posts into the ground and slide the Posts into the sleeves. Screw on the Overhand Extenders and their Caps. Stretch the mesh (hand taut) and secure with Cable Ties. Hammer in the Ground Stakes. Yes, you can do this (more detailed instructions are included with the Kit).

The mesh has an outdoor lifespan of 10 years. It can be removed and reinstalled if necessary (you would just need new Cable Ties).

Includes: One 100-ft roll of 7.5 ft tall polypropylene cat Fencing, eight 24-inch Sleeves for Posts, one sleeve Drive Cap, eight 7.5-ft x 1 3/8-inch Posts, eight curved Overhang Extenders with Caps, six wall mounts for Posts (attach End Posts to structure such as your house), six bags heavy-duty Ties, one roll of 2-ft x 100-ft black-coated Wire Mesh, 60 12-inch kinked Ground Stakes, and 24 self-tapping Screws.

Tools required for installation (not included): sledgehammer, tape measure, ladder, hammer, drill with Phillips bit and socket or adjustable wrench.

Optional accessory: Access Gate (sold separately).


Kat Kit -- 100-foot Cat Fencing Kit

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