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Fencing Extension, Dog Fencing -- 5' x 100' Maximum-strength Tenax Pro
$ 179.95

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Free shipping to lower 48 states. 1-1/2″ x 1-7/8″ approximate mesh size. Roll weighs 18 lb. List price $225.

Superior-strength polypropylene yet easy homeowner installation. Give your pet some outdoor freedom at an affordable price.

This unique deer-fencing extension or Dog Fencing is far less costly than conventional metal fencing while exhibiting strengths far superior to our Standard- strength polypropylene. Weighs just over twice what the Standard-strength weighs. Millenium is corrosion-proof and UV treated for maximum flex, strength and durability. 15-20 year life. Approximate breaking load 900 lb. per square foot.

Posts available -- please call (closed Sundays).



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