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6'-long Angle Steel Posts for 4'- and 5'-tall Fencing – Package of eight Posts

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Free shipping to 36 states. Sorry, no shipments out west to AZ, CO, FL, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, TX, UT, WA or WY. For 32 or more Posts, call for quote. ("Unit" in price table means "Package of eight Posts" )

Powder-coated, 1-1/4" legs (angles or sides), 12 gauge.

Tall, black economy Fence Post for 4' or 5'-tall Fencing. With 1.5'-2' in the ground, your Post will be strong and secure. (Polypropylene Fencing usually has 6" draped on the ground to resist deer or dogs getting under. Therefore a 5'-tall roll of Fencing would be about 4.5' above ground so these 6' Posts would be about 18" in the ground.)

Made of 1-1/4" angle steel finished in weather-resistant black powder-coat to match our black polypropylene mesh. Holes are drilled along one leg (side) to facilitate installation of your Fencing with Cable Ties and with optional nylon monofilament Tension Wire at the top. 12-gauge thickness (.109 inches). Maximum distance apart is 15 feet for polypropylene Fencing.

INSTALLATION NOTE: Use a post hole digger (buy locally) or a Post Driver (sold separately) for safe installation. It is very dangerous to stand on a ladder and try to pound these in with a sledge hammer!

NOTE: For Corner Posts, we recommend using 4" x 4" wooden posts from your local lumber yard or home center, or the Corner Post with Braces (available by pressing your Back button).

WESTERNERS: Sorry the high cost of shipping these heavy Posts out west makes these Posts uneconomical for you. Please find alternates locally.

"Unit" in the price chart below means "Package of eight 6' Posts."

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Price Each: $125.00 $118.75

6'-long Angle Steel Posts for 4'- and 5'-tall Fencing – Package of eight Posts

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