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50 Tablets plus Powder Concentrate protect plants from deer all season
$ 33.47

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FREE SHIPPING! Insert Tablets in ground around your plants then spray with Deer-A-Tak for three weeks of protection while plants absorb repellent from the tablets through their roots. Both by Natura.

How to protect your plants from deer for the whole summer in a few minutes on just one day.

Deer-A-Tak is a soluble powder concentrate. One 0.765 oz bottle makes two 32-oz bottles of spray.

A combination dried eggs, garlic and cinnamon protects your plants from deer and rabbits in two ways. First, it repels by smell which, though not offensive to humans, evokes a predator response in deer. And second, in case a deer samples your plants, the garlic ingredient tastes bad.

Effective up to 30 days. Safe to use on fruit trees, vegetable gardens as well as your ornamentals, flowers and shrubs.

This is "Step 1" when used in combination with Natura's systemic deer-repellent tablets which are "Step 2" in your low-maintenance, summer plant protection strategy. Spray on Deer-A-Tak for protection for the three weeks it takes the tablets you put in the ground to get absorbed into the leaves.

Help your plants three ways with just one application of Plant Saver Tablets per season! The deer-repelling ingredient is absorbed through the roots and won't wash off.

1) Denatonium Benzoate, the most bitter chemical compound known, protects your plants all season. Insert tablets approximately 2" below the soil surface. The protective ingredients are taken up in 2-3 weeks. The tablets are Step 2. Step 1 is to protect your plants with a spray repellent for the first three weeks after application.

2) Each systemic Plant Saver tablet contains 10-8-8 fertilizer and organic chelating agents to help your plants perform better.

3) Mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial soil bacteria enhance plant growth.

Not intended for use on food crops. Apply by August as plants must be actively growing in order to take up the repellent through the roots.

Wash hands after use. I recommend that you wear gloves when handling the tablets. I touched the cotton in the top of the bottle with my finger, then touched my tongue -- an incredibly bitter taste stayed in my mouth for about five minutes!

Application Rates

Plant Height Annuals/Perennials Shrubs/Evergreens
6-12" 2 2
12-18" 3 3
18-24" 4 4
24-36" 4 6
36-48" 5 8


50 Tablets plus Powder Concentrate protect plants from deer all season

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