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Plantskydd 7-lb. Granular Deer and Elk Repellent in shaker bag
$ 47.95

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FREE SHIPPING. Easy-to-apply deterrent to deer and elk browsing. Just sprinkle around plants.

Works best on low-growing plants (under two feet tall) that are surrounded by exposed soil so the deer can get the scent of the blood-based repellent. For example, Hosta beginning to sprout in the spring and lettuce or veggies that you don't want to spray. One 7-lb. bag covers approximately 3500 square feet.

Probably the easiest deer repellent to apply! Just shake granules through the built-in mesh in the top of the bag. Reapply every 6-8 weeks (sooner if extra rainy). Apply liberally so as to visibly cover the area around the plants. Important: about three feet away, apply a 2-foot perimeter strip of repellent (again, visibly covering the area).

As granules decay, they fertilize your soil with nitrogen (12-N). Certified organic. Active ingredient is 100% dried porcine or bovine blood. No animal parts used (unlike bloodmeal).

Also repels rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks. Apply slightly less granules to deter these small critters.


Plantskydd 7-lb. Granular Deer and Elk Repellent in shaker bag

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