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Cotinus coggygria 'Winecraft Black' ®

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New in 2019! 4-6' tall and wide, USDA Zones 4-8, full sun, 3"-square pot (3" pots are 3" square and 4" deep (about two cups). Save 15% on two or more plants!

In spring, leaves emerge rich purple and darken to near-black through the summer. In early summer, enjoy more color as the red "smokey" flowers decorate your garden or foundation. 'Winecraft Black'® completes its dramatic, season-long interest with red-to-orange leaves in the fall.

Given this variety's compact habit – for a smokebush – at 4-6' tall and wide, you can enjoy a smokin' hot highlight almost anywhere in your sunny landscape. Deer-resistant deciduous shrub. Patents US 30,216; CBRAF. Salt tolerant. If needed, prune in early spring.

El arbusto de hoja caduca Cotinus 'Winecraft Black'® se distingue en su jardín por traer color en primavera, verano y otoño. El follaje morado de la primavera llega a ser casi negro en verano and se vuelve naranja brillante en otoño. Coloque en pleno sol. Resistente a los venados.

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Cotinus coggygria 'Winecraft Black' ®

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