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Plantskydd 3.5 lb Granular Rabbit Repellent in Shaker Jug – Free shipping
$ 33.29

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Protects plants under two feet high for 6-8 weeks. Covers up to 1750 square feet. 100% dried blood so adds nutrients to your soil as it breaks down.

How to use Plantskydd Granules

For best results, apply granules before animal browse damage begins. Re-apply as required. The first use, unscrew the lid, remove the seal, replace the lid and open the top dispenser flap.

Plant Protection from Rabbits and and Small Critters

Sprinkle Granules liberally around and under plants so as to visibly cover the ground. For heavy rabbit browsing, also apply a one-foot-wide perimeter strip around the area to be protected.

Bulb Protection from Squirrels, Chipmunks and Rabbits

Sprinkle into holes when planting bulbs. Also apply liberally to surface area after planting.

Lawn Protection from Voles

Prior to snowfall, apply liberally throughout area to be protected.

Benefits of Plantskydd Vole and Rabbit Granular Repellent

  • Protects short plants and vegetables* (under two-feet tall) from animal damage so you enjoy your beautiful yard and garden.
  • 100% natural and organic so it is safe for people, pets and plants (when used as directed). Consists of 100% dried blood (porcine and/or bovine). No animal parts are used. OMRI Certified. Made in the USA.
  • 3.5-pound Shaker Jug covers up to 1750 square feet so you protect your landscape.
  • Shaker Jug is refillable with the Plantskydd 20- pound bag so you can save money on refills.
  • Easy to apply anytime at your convenience without concern for rain.
  • Rain-resistant up to six to eight weeks so you enjoy your plantings without worry for long periods.
  • As granules decay, they fertilize your soil with nitrogen to aid in plant growth.

For vegetation over two-feet high, use Plantskydd Premixed, Ready- to-Use or Concentrate spray products.

Cautions: *Not to be applied to edible parts of food crops (sprinkle on ground under and around them). Wash fruits and vegetables before eating them. Wash hands after using. Do not ingest – keep out of reach of children. May stain concrete, brick and wood.


Plantskydd 3.5 lb Granular Rabbit Repellent in Shaker Jug – Free shipping

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