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Nylon Wire 8-gauge 110'
$ 19.95

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Spool of black, monofilament Tension Wire or top wire

String solid-nylon monofilament Tension Wire along the top of your Deer Fencing to prevent sagging between Posts due to snow and wind. The Wire also provides a little extra protection against smaller falling tree branches. It won't rust, stretch or sag in temperature extremes. UV stabilized; 1200 lb. breaking strength. The 8-ga. Wire is suitable for all grades of the polypropylene Fencing as well as the Steel Hex Estate Fencing.

Two Ways to Install

  • Weave through the top strands of Fencing mesh (start in the middle and work to the two ends or corners of your fence)
  • Quickly install with hog-ring Pliers (sold separately -- click back one page). As shown in this photo, attach the Nylon Wire to your Fencing by squeezing the Wire to the top strand of Fencing, touching the Pliers to it, and pulling the trigger. A D-ring holds the two together.

When installing at the inline Posts: Wrap the Wire around the Post, crossing the Wire over itself (making a flattened X-shape). Alternatively, install Monofilament Alignment Bands and run the Wire through the eyehook. For attaching to wooden Posts, fence nails or heavy-duty staples work well.

To tie off the Wire at your End or Corner Posts, use Cable Clamps for small installations (requires only pliers or a nut driver); or, for larger projects, use Connection Sleeves (requires a Sleeve Crimping Tool). For wooden Posts, fence nails or very large staples work fine (purchase locally).

For additional reinforcement and protection against deer and smaller animals nosing underneath the Fencing, run the Wire along the bottom of the Fencing as well.

The shipping charge for the Tension Wire along with any combination and any quantity of Ground Staples or Stakes, Hog Rings and hog-ring Pliers, Cable Clamps and other accessories shown on the previous page is the flat charge shown in the header on the previous page (shipped on one order to one location in the 48 contiguous United States).


Nylon Wire 8-gauge 110'

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